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Wau... what?

Wauv stands for web audio visualiser and is an experiment with audio visualisation techniques on the web. It started as a small project for a course at Uppsala University, but we found the concept very appealing and wanted to see how far we could take it. Thus, wauv was born, with a goal of making audio visualisation more interesting and accessible.

We’re developing wauv around the concepts of flexibility and scalability; to be able to implement new visualisation ideas without rewriting the whole shebang. This is made possible by the use of object-oriented JavaScript and some brilliant libraries such as Raphaël.js. The audio is streamed through SoundCloud, and we’re forever grateful for their awesome API and audio service!

Want to dive in to the code yourself? Have a look at our GitHub repo.

We’re constantly looking for ways to further develop wauv. We welcome anyone who wants to contribute with coding skills or ideas!

- Samuel and Lukas

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